The road to success is not straight. There’s a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family, flats called jobs. But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, and a driver called faith, you’ll make it to a place called success.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


ni adlh sbuah cte japan+korea..d mn adk beradik tri ske antra 1sme lain..nme abg die LEE WAN(yoon suh) and heroin die PARK SHIN HYE(hana)..sedih sgt2 cte nih..dr epsd 1 smpai akhir sedih cte nih..dpt la sekawah air mate ak..sumpah sedih gle cite nih..sedih..sedih..sedih..akhir skali sgt2 x best..susah kot nk jmpe cte ending die sedih..xmo tgk dh cte sy ske cte nih..eotteohgehaeyahabnikka???
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