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Thursday, February 3, 2011

layan MBLAQ balik

~G.O from mblaq~

tersgt2 la hensem..nk2 plak dlm video lagu stay[lgu bru mblaq]
ade iras2 rain die lg hensem dr rain..

p/s *cikon : hensem kan janggut n misai die 2..

c die yg sy ske 2..ade iras2 G.O nih..
kiut kan..hehe
nani gewdixxs


  1. Nani , cikon pon suka MBLAQ , tengok tak tv show dorang yg BADBOY tuh ? date dengan girl girl from group lain , cikon suka yang paling muda tuh , cutee . hee

  2. mir??yg sme umo nan kite keh??adk ak minat die..x tgk la show badboy 2..hehe..skunk slow skit psal korea nih.bzy blja knon..


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