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Sunday, May 8, 2011

malaysia's top 10 richest [2011]

salam smua
dlm nani xdk kje nih..
naik sje2 cri kat tenet psal malaysia's top 10 richest [2011]

kwn2 nk tau x spe??
jom sme2 kite selidikk

1 Robert Kuok

Net Worth
$12.5 billion Source of Wealth
Age 87Marital Status
Married, 8 children

Made his money in sugar, palm oil, shipping and property. His Kuok Group boasts a huge network of companies under 3 main holding companies, in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Controls the South China Morning Post, once the world's most profitable daily newspaper. Biggest source of wealth is stake in Wilmar, the world's largest listed palm oil company. But the stock was down last year, while his Hong Kong real estate and hotel assets were up. Wilmar is run by nephew Kuok Khoon Hong, a Singapore citizen who's also a billionaire thanks to his 10% stake.

2 Ananda Krishnan

Net Worth $9.5 billion
Source of Wealth telecoms
Age 72Marital Status Married, 3 children

His Maxis Communications is Malaysia's biggest cellphone service provider. Recently took 3 of his companies private: satellite broadcaster Astro All Asia Networks, power and gambling company Tanjong and satellite operator Measat Global. Owns telecom, media interests in India; Indian billionaire Kalanithi Maran is his partner in radio and direct-to-home TV. A major philanthropist, he focuses on developing Malaysia's talent pool by funding scholarships and school programs.

3 Lee Kim Hua

Net Worth
$6.6 billion Source of Wealth gambling
Age81Marital Status Widow, 6 children

Widow of casino magnate Lim Goh Tong, who founded Genting Group in 1965 and built it into a hotel and leisure powerhouse. This family fortune includes the assets Lim left to his children after his death in 2007. Son Lim Kok Thay has built a separate fortune and is listed at No. 13. The group's shares soared after it opened $5 billion Resorts World Sentosa theme park and casino complex in Singapore last year.

4 Lee Shin Cheng

Net Worth $5 billion Source of Wealth palm oil
Age 71Marital Status Married, 6 children

Built IOI Group into one of the world's biggest palm oil producers and one of the country's biggest property developers. Group employs 30,000 worldwide. Grew up on a rubber plantation where his father ran a Chinese food shop. Left school at 11 to help support his family, selling ice cream on a bicycle for 4 years before returning to finish high school. All of his children now work for his companies.

5 Quek Leng Chan

Net Worth
$4.8 billion Source of Wealth
Age69Marital StatusMarried, 3 children

Heads conglomerate Hong Leong Group Malaysia and owes the biggest part of his fortune to its Hong Kong-listed investment holding company Guoco Group. Also has interests in financial services, property development and hotels across Southeast Asia. His Hong Leong Bank still stalking Malaysian bank Eon Capital (see No. 10).

6 Teh Hong Piow

Net Worth
$4.7 billion Source of Wealth
Age80Marital StatusMarried, 4 children

Founded Public Bank, now Malaysia's third-largest banking group. Group also owns one of the largest private mutual fund management companies in the country, is reportedly bidding for an Islamic insurance license and has gotten a brokerage license in Cambodia. He is also a big shareholder of LPI Capital, a general insurance company in Malaysia and Singapore.

7 Yeoh Tiong Lay

Net Worth $2.7 billion Source of Wealth diversified
Age 81Marital Status Married, 7 children

Founded conglomerate YTL Corp. in 1955, using the first letters of his name. Children all work in the company; 56-year-old son, Francis, has run it for 23 years. Its secondary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1996 was the first non-Japanese company from Asia to start trading there. Communications unit has pumped $2.5 billion into a 4G network and Internet technology in Malaysia.

8 Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary

Net Worth $2.5 billion Source of Wealth diversified
Age 59Marital Status Married, 5 children

His Malaysia Mining Corp. runs Johor Port and the state's airport. Won a big contract with Gamuda to oversee construction of the mass-transit rail system in Kuala Lumpur. Set up Albukhary International University, and his Albukhary Foundation funds remedial classes for thousands of underachieving students from poor rural families each year.

9 Vincent Tan

Net Worth
$1.25 billion Source of Wealth diversified
Age58Marital Status Married, 11 children

Self-made entrepreneur runs conglomerate Berjaya Group, but fortune sank by almost a quarter over the past year as shares stumbled. Owns social networking website and bought shares of Facebook through his Internet company, Failed to get a sports betting license from the government. Hates golf but loves scuba diving and working out at the gym.

10 Tiong Hiew King

Net Worth $1.2 billion Source of Wealth timber
Age 76Marital Status Married, 4 children

Tapped rubber in his teenage years to support his family before building his fortune from timber concessions and palm oil plantations in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. His Media Chinese International publishes more than 30 magazines and newspapers in North America, Southeast Asia and China. Sale of his stake in EON Capital to No. 5 Quek Leng Chan's Hong Leong Bank is pending a court case filed by a dissenting shareholder.

fuhh..mujur ade wakill pmpuan..
xlupe juga wakil org melayu..adoii..sorg still ade..
bgitu juga nan wakil india..ade jgk sorg..
emm..syukur skunk nih..kite kne usaha lebih lg..
jd kan mereka d ats sebagai contoh kpd anda smua k..

nih je entry nani kali..
jmpe d lain entry okey..
bye kwn2

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