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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

cerita nani

salam nani curi mse skit utk updte blog
lme rse x jmpe kat blog nih..
jom tgk aktvt nani utk kebelakangan nih

adik nani yg plg cerdik grad
siap dpt *anugerah pelajar serba boleh

my burfday..buat mkn2 kat umh my aunty tghari
ptg naik kL.. my beloved bro gve me dis baju
i like it..pndai cri size..klu x muat wat koleksi dlm almari je lah

dis is my bro..xdk pic die nan jubah konvo..
dpt pic after konvo without jubah dumbledore die tuh

bunge konvo caca n ayong..
so nice..i like it so much

ckup takat ni je lah cte..nti esk luse kte updte psal lain plak..

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