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Thursday, October 20, 2011

creative interesting photography

salam smua kwn2 nani yg kini berada d rumah masing2
cuti sem kate kan

dh bpe ari nani x updte blog..rndu rse..
so today nani xtau nk updte psal pe..
jnji updte .. 
pe kate kte tgk any creative photography yg nani jmpe kat google nih
bak kate kwn photography nani dlm fb "lets picture tell everything"
sedap an die punye slogan.. pic yg die tgkp pun menarik..

niway jom tgk yg nani ambk dr google

pic nih xtau motif die kreatif an

yg nih shadow photography..menarik

yg nih plg menarik..illusion photography

yg nih lak..xtau nk ckp interesting an
ade mksd d sebalik pic nih

dis is wedding lebih relax..
xdk lah formal sgt ..

kiut nye mereka..i like..caring 

nih sme je motif die nan yg cendawan td..i like 

xtau nani ske tgk pic yg pokok sebatang gini..tenang je rse

skunk kite msuk section street photography

street photography xpenah kecewa kan sy

nih pun fav

nih mcm emo2 indie ea? korg nilai lah..
nani bkn pkar..cume minat je tgk pic yg kreatif gini

high quality pic.. many meanings..

byk bnde tsirat dlm pic nih..korg tenung je lah 

pic mcm nih bese je ade dlm tenet..but still..i like it

if i affordable to buy any camera
i want to learn about photographic
i love to see beautiful , creative and interesting picture

i going 2 capture any single moment in my life
mke it valuable for everybdy

haha..karut ah nani speaking..
dh r trabur..
bia r..dont shy wif yr mistake ..learn from yr mistake

p/s: not any of dis picture is mine..i just tke it from google
just want 2 share bout my interest wif u all
enjoy yr day

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