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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

World University Rankings 2011

salam..nani tgh search u kat oversea utk abg nani actually..
so jmpe this information from  QS World University Rankings® 2011/2012 - among the most trusted university rankings available.

Higher Education World University Rankings 2011

    1 California Institute of Technology

    =2 Harvard University

    =2 Stanford University
4 University of Oxford
5 Princeton University

    6 University of Cambridge

    7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Imperial College London

    9 University of Chicago

    10 University of California, Berkeley
11 Yale University

    12 Columbia University
13 University of California, Los Angeles

    14 Johns Hopkins University

    15 ETH Zürich
16 University of Pennsylvania

    17 University College London

    18 University of Michigan

    19 University of Toronto

    20 Cornell University
tp d sebab kan nani sgt2 nk blaja kat kat bwh nih utk uk punye ranking

UK rankings

 there are 12 UK institutions in the top 100 world ranking :
    4 University of Oxford
6 University of Cambridge
8 Imperial College London

    17 University College London

    36 University of Edinburgh

47 LSE

48 University of Manchester

    56 King’s College London

66 University of Bristol

    83 Durham University

    85 University of St Andrews

    99 University of Sussex
after chitchat wif my bro..die ckp die nk ambk kos transport..kat australia or uk or indon..
ade list yg mcm sme nan sy..opkos sy nk sokong uk....
y uk? sbb acca punye certificate if i not mistaken from uk ..
means..akaun uk nan malaysia sme lah kot..

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