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Thursday, November 3, 2011


salam readers
pe habaq smua?
habaq kurang baik ka smua?
klu kurang baik nani phm..klu baik pun nani phm

arini 4hb mmg tarikh keramat utk student2 uitm
so do i..result nani dpt rendah sgt sem nih..
plg rendah penah nani dpt selame nani duk uitm nih
mn x sedih klu dlu 3.tutttt..skunk dpt 3.ttutttt.. plak

klu kwn2 nani result dieorg smua yg wrne ijau..
nani je warne merah.. =(

niway bsyukur sgt2 sbb smua llus..
x snaggup nk ambk pper lg 1skali..
sbb pper mmg ssh sgt2 sem nih..

mybe i tke it for granted slame nih
dats y result pun mcm pe tah an..
niway congrate 2 kwn2 yg dpt dL ..and yg llus smua

suix sy..lme x kontek .. niway gudluck dgn result korg tau..
all de best 4 both of u..
nani tau korg smua mmg akn llus smua pper..

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