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Sunday, December 11, 2011

cinemagraph .. so awesome !!

salam readers.. 
arini nani nk share 1 lg bnde menarik yg leh kite buat pd zmn serba lengkap nih

cinemagraph? what is that?
ok..nani bkn pakar dlm bidang nih
pe yg nani tau skit2.. die mungkin pic biasa yg kite ambk sndri used our camera then we edit that picture using software ape tah..
pepe pun nani ske sgt hasil dlm cinemagraph 

actually nani tbace dr 1 blog yg nani follow ezhan artwork 
 (you can click on that name to read his blog)
blog tuh share byk sgt bnde2 yg menarik

kat blog nani nih
nani just want to share some of the cinemagraph picture i took from google like usual 
*x smpat nk tutorial wat cinemagraphy sndri

korg pun jom lah tgk
pe sbnr nye cinemagraph nih
x byk pun pic..sbb mls nk google byk2 pg2 nih..mate nantok plak tibe2

it just an ordinary pic then we edit so the candle look like kne tiup..

so bak kate one of my friend from fb 
'lets the picture tell everything'
nani ske sgt die punye ayt nih
sbb mmg kene.. btol2 menyampaikan mksd yg mendalam
and he is kind of mcm bdk photographer lah jgk..

so korg dh tgk pic ats nih an..
pe korg punye komen? menarik an..
if nk blja..byk tutorial kat google..

see you next time in other post..
salam..tata.. wish all of you terisi mase lapang bce blog nani yg x seberapa nih

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