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Friday, December 2, 2011

pre wedding theme

salam readers..
fuhh..penat gle cri pic utk idea nani kali nih
okeh..lets enjoy yr reading

tjuk utk kali nih psal pre wedding
nani t'pk nk conteng psal pre wedding nih sbb  bru2 nih kwn nani show me zahiril's pre wedding picture..then i think.. best gak idea nih

nani take all these pictures from google..
i didnt mean to take others work.. 
i like their work and i want to share with all of you

take a look beberapa theme yg mn nani rse mcm menarik sgt utk wat 
as pre wedding theme

1. school theme
terasa mcm kapel zmn sekolah2 dlu
[ayie nazri and nazri ahmad nih org yg sme ke? niway i love their work..menarik and kreatif]
nti spe2 nk wat pre wedding theme school leh r kontek dieorg..
nani pun xtau spe..korg google lah ea nti.. 
*mungkin nani kne kontek dieorg jgk utk pre wedding nani

then let move to others theme..
2. casual theme
mcm mn nk describe casual nih ea??
all moment you with him?
entah..korg describe sndri lah..

3. classic
asal theme classic je msti nk kne ade beskal..
mungkin itu yg blh menampak kan classic nye

4. balloon theme
theme mcm adorable gtu an
ikut korg r gane pun k wat theme for korg nye pre wedding

5. lake theme

ckup lah dlu..
nih je yg nani mmpu share..
so mungkin korg leh dpt idea serba sedikit utk pre wedding theme korg

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