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Sunday, May 20, 2012

congratulation crushes

salam readers..
sehat? alhamdulillah masih mmpu buka mata..
i have nothing to say here..
just nk ckp congratulation to both of my crushes..
smlm dieorg konvo

bgus la they officially diploma graduates 
and dedua pun dh further their stdy in dgree
tgl nani je ketinggalan kat blakang ni..
konvo pun lmbt lg..bln 9 ni..

as their convocation yesterday im going to post to my senior his present  
igt nk post jmaat aritu tp siyes x ckup masa nk buat smua tu
so tpkse tgguh smpai isnin sbb sbtu and ahad pejabat post x buka

and to my brother's friend.. nani x tau mcm mne nk bg adiah die
ade je tersimpan kat bilik tu..
nk kirim kat abang x brani la.. nti die ckp adik die ni gatal lelebih plak kan kan
so xpe..kite perap je adiah tu dlm bilik.. 
wlpn xdpt bg adiah..special congratulation to him ..
blja molek.. nti dpt kje molek 
okeii la nk msuk minang ank dara org ..
*i know im not that lucky girl*
but still..its okeii ..

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