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Monday, August 27, 2012

ketuk ketuk raya 2012

salam.. ketuk ketuk raya
mcm biasa..asal rye je mcm wajib la kan nak kne updte pic2 rye
so these are my picture..
explore us

yusoff's family

 abang kawasan bergambar di jalan dpn rumah atuk
my lit sis and lit brother 
muka xleh nak serius lg ke bdk bdua nih 

this picture funny gile,,entah mne la si adam ni jmpe rmbut kerinting tuh

us are cousin.. x ckup ank dara la here..siti kak ngah syira not in this picture lah=.= 

cucu nordin hangout before siti blk jordan.. gonna miss her >.<

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