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Sunday, September 30, 2012

sad moment ~ chapter 5

salam readers..
sad entry for today..
here some pictures my seniors yg nani byk sgt thutang budi
those senior yg nani 1st kenal bila dtg UK ni
for me dieorg la tulang belakang nani kat sini
dieorg tmpt nani mngadu
*okei itu gedik + mnyusahkan org*
dgn kesempatan ini nani nak say sorry sbb byk mnyusahkan senior nani 3org nih
knl mmg x lame..bru 2mggu knl..
but i do feel the lost when they are not here
thank you for every thing.. nani appreciate sgt
rse mcm baby duk sini.. dieorg caring sgt sgt

my 1st senior blk..khalid sam

ni pun my senior jgk..pika and her husband..
dieorg blk skali dgn khalid ..

2nd senior yg blk last week ... amin

rmmber this picture? their 1st picture yg nani capture
mse dieorg jmpt nani kat airport..

and here zaty's pictures
=(  sedih nye.. xdk sape dh nk jge nani kat sini 
she is everything *dh mcm ayt dr bf plak*
tenkiu ^_^ 

syira and zaty

dear seniors..bye.. take care kat malaysia.
thank for everything ...nani appreciate sgt sgt
mohon x lupe nani kat sini.. ^_^ see you again  jika di panjangkan umo

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