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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sunderland town ~ 3rd chapter

salam guys.. 
what do you think? entry nani bosan sikit..
tp nani updte jgk utk fmly2 nani kat malaysia.. 
just to let them know my lifestyle here

knl kan this little boy, Hadif
mule2 knl kemain kteorg borak nan die..
die diam je..skali dh lme bru die bsuara..
perghhhh speaking..ptut kteorg borak nan die diam je slame td.. 
x phm upenye..

time ni kteorg bru from university nani utk dftr..
and now kteorg nk g bndr for lunch...
smua pun dh lapar perut nih la town kat sunderland..
- + mcm tmloh a little bit modern la skit

we having our lunch here
ali baba restaurant 
and thank to afiq's parents sbb blnje kteorg smua mkn

ni mase kteorg nk hntr parents afiq .. 
his parents nk pergi london dlu then back to malaysia

eh eh..train dh smpai...

afiq xmo sedih2..
hehehe ^_^

us.. meh nak knl kan lg skali..
sbb ade someone yg nani x knl kan lg sblm ni.. 
from left: amin, khalid, ara, miao, afiq and zaty

another baby UK.. name die mia x silap nani
arghhh knp dgn ingatan nani nih..alzhaimer ke ape?
pelupe gile

ok..done ..xdk pic dh nk share..
ade yg request nk tgk umh sewa and bilik nani kan
next time insyaallah nani tunjukk
mls rse nk amik pic bilik nih

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