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Sunday, October 28, 2012

3rd class mentality

assalammualaikum readers
(T.T) nak marah
bencinye perasaan ini
perasaan dari syaitonnirrojim 

ekceli dh puas dh tau nani kalo dh byk sgt 
pastu bila jadi nye. stress sakit hati nak marah
semua pun ade
*nak nages*

guys please stop it..
im sick with your third-class mentality
open your mind ..

malaysia is a developing country.. 
dont think like a third world country..
we dont need it
with your negative judgement.. 
stop judging others 

i really dont need a friend with third-class mentality

pagi2 dh buat nani sakit hati..
hmm.. next time nak tnye soklan tu pikir sikit perasaan org lain
nani bkn la jenis cpt sgt melenting
tp rmai sgt dh tau.. nani perhati je korg2 ni..
xyah nk jaga tepi kain nani sgt..

better nani sejukkan hati nani tgk pic2 bdk2 kecik yg comel ni
tenkiu google and those kids
tgk dieorg blh sejuk hati nani ni..
comel sgt...geram tgk

and my boyfriend...hahaha..
sejuk hati tgk muka ian

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