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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


assalammualaikum readers
today entry maybe quite longer than other entries
and this entry is in english because im trying to improve my english
it might be ''terabur skit'' + broken english
''at least i try'' =.= *johan face*

since my family and friend always asked me same questions 
im going to answers it in lump sum today

questions : how your study there? it is okay? can you catch up?

answers: everything is okay. but as a day dreamer its a bit difficult for me to focus in class
im really focus for the 1st 10min..but after that im not sure where i am, what im thinking, im really lost somewhere..then i tried to focus again and the same thing happen till the class end
i go to the class with so much empty space in my brain just to put those knowledge
but i end up with empty brain after the class.. HAHAHA.. stupid nani

you not answering those questions nani.. zero mark for you.. 
well be a slow learner quite difficult for me to catch up.. i understand what they teaching in the class but its not clear enough.. its okay..i can read it by my self later.. 
and i think my eyes get worse.. i cant see what on the board
with my sound trouble..its really a burden because i cant hear what they actually said
especially whey they speak english.. oh goshhh.. i feel like a i? (0.0)'

talk about project or assignment not understand what they actually want
they didnt give clear instructions..even when they try to explain it..its not clear
there's always some kind of barriers that make the communication didnt reached the objective..
sometime when we ask some questions they dont actually answered the question
hahaha.. and my classmates' faces like ''we should bear with it''

dont blame the lecturer..blame yourself nani !!
you must have done something that make you dont understand in the class
stop your day dreaming habits !!
you know how critical my day dreaming habit?
since my classmate majority is chinese..when i saw them much to think
why their hair just too beautiful? is there any chinese born with curly hair?
 what shampoo they used? is their hair falls like mine?
then i look at everyone hairs .. and keep thinking 
so many questions in my mind and i try to answer it
then i realize something ''nani you were in class,you should focus, dont think those things''

its lucky if i can stop ..but i will start it again with a new topic
again and again and agian..
dear brain, you should rest! 

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