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Sunday, November 18, 2012

weekend with meor's family

 assalammualaikum readers..
my activities this weekend.. 

have a walk with abg wan and tasha 
nk bwk tasha blk roker..

diversity night !!
they are queuing to take picture 
sbb dieorg pkai baju kurung traditional clothes for malaysia at the diversity night
untung la memasing catwalk mlm tu.. and me just perhati dr kerusi 

and hello malaysia..rindu this flag tau..
geram nk hughug

us with mayor and mayoress of sunderland kalo x silap la
maaf..kabur skit

tasha gatal manje2 dgn lin plak

pulang ke roker after the event..

today kami mnyemak ikut family meor jejalan
tenkiu uncle and aunty for today

si gadis cantik..perkenal kan..her name is tasha 

perkenalkan si gadis ayu.. nabila ^_^ 

perkenalkan..tukang masak terhebat sunderland
am nani tasha

smpai dalton park...rambang mata ..
say hello to your wallet and goodbye to your money

umar...cepat2 suruh your parents bank in duit kat kak ya..
kak ya dh x sabar nk beli utk aok memacam nih

finally a down's fill jacket

its already cheap to buy nike brand in dalton..pastu dpt plak diskaun
x ke gile rse..okei this shoes mmg not tetau je la my taste.. xleh pkai..
nani rse nani ade masalah mata

all those shoes yg bertingkat2 tu..di borong oleh fmly meor..
woot woot..  

 muka puas shopping..geng dh byr is now waiting for fmly meor plak.. 

finally done with shopping..
mine bag yg orange color tu
special case dpt kaler lain
meor and adik die dh termenung tgk brg dieorg belambak 

si pingu yg pendek 
dear arissa mama and abah..i buy nothing for you guys..
nti dtg beli sndri ea..coz i know our taste mmg lain sgt kan kan..
nti korg x suke plak.. kiut.. 
meor's daddy, mail and am

blk from dalton fmly meor bwk mkn kat restoran yg mummy kerja tu
oh sedap sgt..tenkiu aunty and uncle..
tenkiu meor..

and now im home ..
dduk dpn lappy upload photos update blog
tp tasha and fmly meor is now watching twilight.. 
oh i love jacob..only jacob..x suke tuailike tau.. 
sbb sy suke vmpire diaries. 

maaf terbebel pnjg in this entry..
happy reading readers
jgn tgl solat tau ^_^

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