The road to success is not straight. There’s a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family, flats called jobs. But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, and a driver called faith, you’ll make it to a place called success.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

goodbye 2013

assalammualaikum readers..
ai ^_^ so i guess everyone knew 2013 is over in few days from now
say hallo 2014
i never miss updating new entry every new year
2013 new year *klik sini ye cik kak*
2012 new year da terdelete aritu =..=
 lets see the memories of 2013 

this one girl yg muncul in my life in januari .. 
she is the reason my life so bright in uk..
 love her..same goes to tasha and sofiee ^_^
"true friends isnt about who come 1st and who you know the longest,
its about who come and never left" 
so this new year means we had been friend for a year.. 

 and there is one guy i called january bless
he is the reason why i can endure every single meandering day 
when i were alone in uk.. thank you
btw that shirt looked good on him.. me is happy ^_^

time goes by
february march april may june july

adding some memories with loved one

there are joyful 

there are tragedies T.T

there are exam fever (solat hajat)

there are summer holidays

there are graduation ceremonies 

till the end.. 
since august till today.. 
malaysia give me unexpected unplanned events
okok.. malaysia is all fine
especially foods.. gained 14kg in 5months
all fine..dont make me define 'fine'
what i mean was a girl 'fine'

apabila dekat terasa jauh dan jauh terasa dekat

okei readers.. tggu entry esk for my new resolution 

Monday, December 23, 2013

either friend or hater?

assalammualaikum readers..
ehem ehem.. nk ckp skit je kat entry kali ni..

kalo rse add ak sne sini insta tuiter fb keek blog hanya utk stalk..
u better not.. dont down grade yourself .. u are valued much more than that..
so please delete me either fb ke insta ke.. please please
ak approve ko dlu sbb ak igt ko kwn.. rupenye..

tgk kan nani da terpost bajet retis bajet hot org nk stalk
mcm org nk stalk sgt kau tu nani oit
aww sori kwn2..bkn niat nani nk post entry mcm ni
tp ade la sejenis makhluk yg stalker x tntu pasai
igt da abes zmn add follow semata2 utk stalk..
back off okeii..
kalau aku terambil hak kau slame ni.. just tell me.. aku pulangkan..

Saturday, December 21, 2013

there is one guy

assalammualaikum readers
today's entry is all about what i feel right now 
so before you scroll it down i advice you not to
u might throw out after read this. 
there is one guy we trying so hard to make them happy 
just because we tried our hardest doesnt mean they will be happy
and at the end of the day we are just hurt ourselves 
there is one guy we want to help and be the backbone along the way in pursuing his success
it is upsetting to accept the fact that you cant be the one who supporting him to travel that meandering days in achieving success 
there is one guy we want to be one of the first person his looking for no matter in whatever situation either on the day he fall or on his glory day 
that one guy who not mine anymore
the moral of the story, make a right decision before your regret it 
done with today's entry
 jgn lupe solat tau ^_^


assalammualaikum readers..
my brain cant really work these days..
not in the mood of writing 
just sharing these.. bye..

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


assalammualaikum readers...
some thought in the morning
no time to write.. got to go ..thought in pictures 

for those yg ade blog.. 
sometime spend a little time to login and see whats there ^_^
see uolls next year.. pray for me.. everything will be okay there..
jgn lupe solat *lovelove*

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


assalammualaikum readers..
look what my dad ask me to do.. 
hahaha... tlg la.. da layak buang kot..
 kulit belah lua smua da tercabut

menjahit setiap lubang dgn penuh kasih syg

siap gunting skit kain yg nk gune buat skirt 
nk buat kain perca ttup lubang

at this point mata da penat bdn da lenguh sbb fokus sgt mnjahit
lintang pukang jahitan ko nyah
 seriously next birthday abah nk beli baju utk kayu golf die
x sanggup da nk jahit kalo da 99% rosak mcm ni

Monday, December 9, 2013

it is?

aiii readers.. 
how long since my last shared entry ?
lme kan? kind of busy doing nothing.. 
well now im listening to rihanna's concert.. 
1st thing i heard was
"anybody in love? then you know how fuck complicated that shit is.. "
and i was like *kelipkelip mata* *pandang kiri kanan* and erm erm i think it is ^_^

the 2nd reason looked reasonable.. aouchhh ...

mybe i should try this..

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

mama abah

assalammualaikum readers..
lme nani x tulis kat blog sndri..sebuk nan blog org
 i just read blog amalina.. bru dpt tau ayh kak long meninggal 
sedih sgt mse bce blog amalina 
titistitis air mate.. 
xdpt nak bayang wajah kak long sekarang
xdpt nak bayang senyuman die dlu
pemurah, peramah, baik hati, caring
semoga kak long tabah.. 
i pray for your dad .. #takziah kak long

xdapat nk bayang kan kalo parents nani pergi mase nani blaja kat uk dlu
sblm g uk dlu slalu sgt pk tkut x sempat blk malaysia jmpe mama abah
alhamdulillah umur mereka masih panjang
lega rse hati xdk pape blaku kat dieorg

now da tamat blaja kat uk mama ade satu lg permintaan
utk smbg bidang professional kat uk
hurmmm.. berat hati rse..
x semudah yang d sangka nk tgl kan fmly berjauhan
i am bzy growing up and i forget they are growing old 

nani terima kenyataan satu hari mereka tetap akan tgl kan nani d dunia ini
tp nani harap sgt hari tersebut nani ade d pangkuan mereka
xdpt bayangkan mcm mne nk teruskan hidup tanpa mereka
lg xdpt bayang kan kalo hari tersebut berlaku dan nani masih d uk
belajar entah kemana otak entah kemana hati entah kemana
hilang arah tujuan hidup
satu jnji nani.. nani akan bela nasib adk beradik nani
nani cuba utk tabah.. insyaallah
semoga umur abah mama masih lg panjang.. #amin

they will be the grandparents for my children 
they will be the parents in law for my future husband
i love them so much.. but i dont know how to show them how much i love them
picture taken infront of my house in uk.. roker avenue.. i miss it

now im in malaysia... 24hours kat pangkuan mama abah..
terasa banyak dosa nani da buat
bile pk blk.. nani rela dduk jauh nan mama and abah asalkan nani x byk melawan ckp
x byk tggi kan suara
x byk menyinggung perasaan dieorg
x byk kecewakan dieorg

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

welcome home brother

i know its hard when you are falling down
and it is a long way up when you hit the ground
get up now get up get up now

strength is keeping everything together 
when everyone expects you to fall apart

the pressure on
you feel it
but you got it all

believe it

sila highlight part tu okeii
If you're lost and alone 
or you're sinking like a stone 
carry on 
may your past be the sound 
0f your feet upon the ground 

carry on - by baby nate ruess saya

well i got nothing to say
the thing is you have to push yourself
because no one else is going to do it for you
your family was always there supporting and never give up on you

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