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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

another video

assalammualaikum readers
this post khas buat nursajieda 
i told you i got a video wish for you

tp sorii serius mcm gedik plus mngade2 je dlm video ni
dgn kontrol2 comel lg
arghh x sggup nk tgk video ni
ni video yg keberapa entah nani buat.. 
buat byk2 tp mcm mnyampahkan je..
so yg ni mcm plg pendek ringkas 
so korg xyh lelame nk tgk nani yg annoying ni bcakap
so to jijie please bear with me for awhile smpai abes video ea..
x lme pun video ni .. bpe saat je

oh sblm tu nk ckp..
tgk video ni jgn buke fullscreen 
sbb muke nani dekat sgt nan camera..
malu la org nmpk jerawat nti kat muke tu

hoped i can make our birthday girl smile on her birthday celebration.. 
xmo sedih sedih okeii ^_^
see you in next entry

readers jgn lupe solat okeii

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