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Friday, February 15, 2013

uk valentine

assalammualaikum readers
arini insyaallah nani dpt result nani
nebes nk mattt 
nk berak pun xdk mood kalo nebes mcm ni

smlm valentine's day ea?
nani x bpe nk tau sgt
tp smlm masuk kelas my lecturer said
" to guys, you still have time..surprise your girl.. have a romantic a table for you guys tonight.. buy a card for them .. give them flower but not a flower you pluck from your garden or roadside.. girls, today is your day and you have right to reject those flower if you dont like it.. and you dont have to give them anything in return "

lelebih kurang gtu la ayt die.. 
xdk la broken english mcm nani tulis tu
1st time nani rse tgk org duk celeb valentine's day
different culture kan.. they really like this date

if in malaysia, valentine's day ni isu  hangat jgk la
ceramah sne sini smua psal valentine..
ekpon bdk islam sebuk sgt nk smbut..
kite smbut rye dh r.. xyah valentine ngat

tetibe my lecturer look at me and said 
"why you looked so gloomy today? you extremely quiet today.. your man didnt do anything special for you?"

nani hanya mmpu senyum je la.. 
mls nk jwb sorii sy x celeb valentine's day miss

comel je la tgk gelagat dieorg bile lect ckp psal valentine
suke memasing ea

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