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Friday, March 8, 2013

brother and i

assalammualaikum readers.. 
#alhamdulillah.. im full..
lme x having dinner..

tetibe td nmpk pic ni kat fb.. 
otak trus ligat t'igt my brother and his girlfriend kakak sajieda #haha
mklum la memasing jauh kan.. 
ari2 skype..sorg tdo sorg tenung skype
so suwit.. romantik gak upenye si sepet tu.. 
kalah lah si zain dlm cte setia hujung nyawa tu

but for is difference.. 
wanna find someone like this.. 
hahaha *gelak gulingguling*

Love is getting fat together.
Boom! Tinamaan ako ng bongga. LOL.
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omaiigad..whatever la..
paling penting skunk ni nani da put on weight.. 
kuat mkn la si nabila ni.. 

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