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Friday, March 8, 2013

fashionista #rawr

assalammualaikum readers. 
today is friday and happy friday guys..
those muslim guy dont forget your friday prayer okeiii

I just found out that my dad has always been a silent reader.. hai abah *lambailambai*
im extremely miss him miss my family..
i didnt meet them since september last year and now we already in march
time goes by and i think i can be an independent girl
im actually an independent girl but i do love when i got someone with me 

recently i watched videos in youtube about fashion by collective haul and today i just got her blog 
seriously i do love to see her collection.. 
plus she from uk and she go to those same shop like me 
new look , tk max, h&m, primark, international, topshop, zara
okei im not a zara and topshop lover because i cant find anything with my size
but my favorites are new look , tk max, h&m, primark, international

okei tukar dlm bahasa melayu plak sbb nk mngumpat skit
ekceli collection die x lawa sgt tp sometime sje suke tgk2 ape die beli kat mne die dpt
quite inspired me
bkn x lawa tp taste lain2.. nani kan taste peplek je.. 
i wish i can go shopping like she does.. 
but i dont have money for that.. 
im a student and i didnt work 
all i have is belong to my dad and mum
got to manage my money well .. 

i really not the type who get something that i want so badly using my dad's money
it is such a waste unless the price is affordable and reasonable 
still have 3 little sister and brother and i have to think about them
that is why i should be a good consumer.. 
#alhamdulillah luckily im not a branded girl.. 
i can wear anything i like as long as i thing it is beautiful on me 
oh i cant wait to have my own money .. 
i know it not easy as i thought but studying is not easy as well
nothing is easy.
 if you want something, you have to work for it. 

omaigad what i have done.. membebel panjang lebar..
sorry .. i didnt notice im typing this long like an essay..
bye .. see you guys again in next entry.. 
jgn tgl solat.. slmt solat jumaat ^_^

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