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Friday, May 24, 2013


 assalammualaikum readers
hehehe.. my summer holiday da start..
okei summer holiday but still with winter weather in sunderland
freezing almost everyday

bru 3ari cuti.. me and mek berjalan2 sekitar bndr sunderland..
i mean pekan sunderland..hahaha
singgah jap beli spek..mklum r spring kan.. 
wlpn suhu dop la panas mne main 10'C je
tp matahari tu ade la..

ye kak kiah pilih jgn x pilih..
topi spek amek mne hok kenan deh

da beli spek satu sorg ..
beli pastry puding air
jln kaki g mowbray park with si mek..
date bdua je.. bkelah konon nye

hahaha.. ye sy xtau knp sy posing mcm ni
sumpah kelaka.. x matang lgsg..
hepi sgt gamoknye

anddddddddddd tgn tu x abes2 pgg fon kan bdk sorg nih..
hish.. mek pun layan kan je la.. 
nk amek pic tp sebuk nan fon >.<

haii sy jmpe kembar sy yg terpisah sejak lahir

it SPRINGGGGG .. pinky tree.. wonderful creation of Allah

here we are....gorgeous glamorous with brains.. 
hahahaahaha..nani perasan 

 this is mek.. we have slightly same name and same behaviors..

the diff is she know how to pose..

she wearing her doc mr

okei da abes da pic dr kami
bye guys.. lebiu much.. 
see ya in other entry.. 

anyway for those who miss me
just wait for me.. im back in september.
cant wait to meet my girlfriends 
cant wait to say goodbye to united kingdom.. 

to my cousin yg akan kwin this week if im not mistaken..
happy wedding..semoga berkekalan
quite sad since they choose this date to get married..
which mean i cant come ... (T.T)
okeii nani..kzen awk bkn sorg..awk dtg knduri lain je la..
utk mne2 kzen ke kwn ke
bole x kalo nk kwin tggu nani blk malaysia? sept ni je..tggu laaaaa

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