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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

graduation 2013

assalammualaikum readers
today's entry is all about our graduation days
dlu time diploma x sempat nk g convo 
since im already here in UK at that time
alhamdulillah 10/7/2013 (1st day puasa) 
nani officially graduated from university of sunderland 
bachelor in accounting and financial management..
now spe nk amek nani keje, peluang anda tbuke ea.. 
sy sekarang adalah penganggur gitu
looking for a job.. either in uk or malaysia..

wanna share u guys pic nani and friends graduate
9/7/2013 engineering student's convocation..

opsss got a kiss from hadif.. 
gonna miss him

abg2 roker convo

abg retreat (apip) 
nani pinjam robe din.. bcoz my graduation x same day with them..
saje try2 dlu robe awl2..

ni je pic abe2 yg ade dlm fon nani.. 
so lets move to my graduation pictures..
graduate alone without fmly is so sad
10/7/2013 business and law student's convocation
location: stadium of light, sunderland 

huntung la grad dlm stadium.. 
xya penat2 beli tiket tgk bola semata2  nk tgk dlm stadium cemane

had little conversation with miss kaeren
she recognized me..thats the important thing.. 
haha..sbb die lect plg ssh nk dpt mark..
niway serius syukur sgt nan mark die bg this sem..

those pic posing tah pape.. 
sian apip nan mek kne layan bdk x reti posing ni
nani graduate pkai baju sluar? 
hehehe.. i never imagine that will happen
but it is happened.. baju kurung smua da x muat.. 
put on too much weight now

hadif so kiut nak amek pic kami

kiut sgt.. gonna miss them.. 
masing2 bawak haluan sndri pasni..
im glad i got chance to know them

fokus dgr nasihat dr abg man

i will miss this smile so much
tasha didnt join us.. *sadsad*

sehingga bjumpa lagi kwn2..
thanks a lot sbb byk tlg nani time ssh senang sepanjang kat UK ni
see u guys in malaysia very the soon..
arghhhh update entry ni smbil titis2 air mata *kononkonon*
slmt menyambut ramadhan al mubarak

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