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Thursday, January 9, 2014

meandering days

assalammualaikum readers.. 
just now i watched cimorelli channel
and dani suggested us to take a picture everyday 
and at the end of the year make a video of it

think about it again i did take pictures almost everyday last year
so this is some of pictures from last year
i randomly picked.. not literally random.. hahaha ^_^

and dont open large screen sbb nti pic ni jd pecah2
and i dont know how to make this video larger than this when uploading to blog
enjoy screen kecik ni k. ^_^

aww there are some other video when we were in scotland and newcastle
uploading error.. so xdpt nk share..
anyway let bygones be bygones
start a new day tomorrow with another smile
fake a smile if you have to ^_^
thats what 2013 thought me.. 
now im a professional smile faker..
i think its not too late to wish you happy new year guys
wait for my next entry.. 
i will lists down what i want to do in 2014.. 
that should be interesting.. for me..hehe
lets see either your name in my list or not
bye.. assalammualaikum

crdt song by : grouplove , pop danthology, rihanna

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