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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new resolution

assalammualaikum readers..
hoped its not too late for me to updte this entry..

its new year so everyone come with a new resolution
my new resolution? i didnt think about it yet
my brain so busy thinking if this year will be differ with last year

i bet this year will be difference since i start this year with my wounded heart
well last year i start it with a garden full of flower in my heart
its been a while and all those flowers already wilted
have u ever heard of this lyric?
''oh tuttt lambang cinta yang telah layu''
i heard that line everyday when i was in uk..
keep playing that song and wow its a miracle..
it is..
the meaning itself was deep enough for me
and dont you ever dare to ask me why those flower got wilted
one hand give some sunlight but the other hand refused to give some water
flower cant stay blooming unless they got both sunlight and water..
and seriously beware of pests
pests can be a major destruction ..
or mybe that pests were beautiful than the flower and they want to make it as their pet
said it again.. pet

will tell you again what was my resolution in the middle of 2014
i didnt know what will come after me this year
so im not going to plan 1st.. let it come and we plan later

aww sorry if u cant understand this entry dear readers..
unless you know the story and you will understand this..
seriously this is no offences
unless u are the one who having capatties and you are the one with full stomach ..
aww if u cant understand that idiom
 u can translate it in malay just in case it can help u for better understanding..

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