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Thursday, January 23, 2014

personal tutor in temerloh

assalammualaikum readers
nani nk buat iklan skit kat entry kali ni

since nani tangguhkan pelajaran nani yg bln feb ni..
so i had some free time
anyone yg ade adik beradik, sedara mara, anak atau rakan-rakan 
yang mencari personal tutor sekitar temerloh
im here to serve you guys
*please spread this love letter to others*

subjek yg nani offer : 

primary school (standard 4-6 only) - sciences, math, english 
pmr candidates - sciences and math
spm candidates - sciences, math and accounting 
*any request for english chemistry and add math paper will be consider 
*no consideration for physic paper ^_^ sorry
diploma candidates - financial accounting reporting, costing, taxation, audit 

payment : (negotiable) 
class : weekday or weekend (night classes not acceptable except for reasonable reason)

contact details: 
email -
contact no - 017 958 3243

graduated as accounting student, majoring in accounting and financial 
so who has hard time with accounting subjects, do contact me for personal tutor
insyaallah i can help you to improve more
services provided only in temerloh and mentakab areas

it might be your 1st attempt 
but im pretty sure nobody want to do the 2nd attempt in this case
1st attempt was just enough
lets pass all your subjects in the 1st sitting ^_^

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