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Monday, March 31, 2014

dear kuna

assalammualaikum readers
dua hari turut2 kite updte blog wish birthday utk kesayangan 
smlm utk paik
today utk girlfriend kite

happy birthday dear 

im praying for your happiness 
tenkiu for being my friend
your bright smile make me smile 
thanks for being by my side.. you are the best among the best
you make my toughest day become easier..
sorry i cant be there for your toughest day right now
i know tasha can do better than me.. tasha take care twin kite k.. 
love u both
everything seems easier with u both beside me

eventhough u both jauh but trust me
it is far yet so close
there is no point if we close yet feels so far
that is what im trying to 
endure every single day 
dduk sebelah tp terasa beribu batu
jauh setapak je.. tp terasa beribu tapak

happy birthday again..
celebration for the same birthday girl but without me this time.. 

sori wish awal..
rse nye smua org tau nani tdo kul bpe kan

Sunday, March 30, 2014

dear paik

assalammualaikum readers.. 
arini birthday crush kite 
well i guess mne yg rapat nan nani tau kot how much i got crushed on him
niway in this post wish is specially update for him
selamat hari jadi buat paik.. 
last time birthday die nani tgh exm .. 
countdown birthday die dr 1st march..
at last tlupe birthday kwn sndri which is in march jgk.. hahaha
da ponat2 countdown sebulan.. 
last2 just text my brother ..
''happy birthday paik'' 
dgn harapan die pass plak la wish tu on my behalf kan
tp harapan lah mamat tu nk pass 

well tiap thn pun birthday crush i will write an entry for them
nothing is because i love writing at my blog.. 

so dear paik .. semoga hubungan nan my brother get tighter 
tenkiu for being his friend all this time. 
tenkiu sbb take a good care of him

eventhough i got cruch on you
tp still rse mcm abg sndri jgk.. 
ah ko asal mmbe baik abg je rse mcm abg sndri.. 
hahahaha.. btul la kan..xkan nk feeling lelebih..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

bowling tournament

assalammualaikum readers
i kind of happy right now.. 
hahaha.. rse mcm x caye ...

so today is my 1st time spend masa with opismate
before u scroll nani just nk pesan..
this entry mybe mcm gedik skit sbb nani mcm terlajak happy..
so agk2 mcm mnyampah jgn scroll k.. da pesan ni
hahaha.. u will know later why im so happy..

so today we got a bowling tournament 
every group ade 4org randomly picked by our manager

 this is our colony 
9 lane smua kteorg conquer

smua mcm tgn bangku.. eh kaki bangku je ea?

the only group yg cecah 400++
sumbang gak la 95mark kat situ kan

the 2nd place goes to this group

waiting for penyampaian hadiah..

hai kami dr acc and fnance dprtment *lambailambai*
kak min sorg je xdk.. 
pndai miss ng cover body kopok lekor kite.. ^_^

muke2 2nd place

muke2 1st place.. kite diri jauh je sbb kite bdk bru
malu2 la konon

 1st n 2nd place winner bgambar bersama

hai this is mine..
senyum lebar smpai leher sbb happy
happy menang ke happy bnde lain kak?
hahaha.. ook jnji kite happy kan

bile nk tapis2 gmbr nk msuk blog rse mcm byk amek gmbr td
upenye skit je..gmbr die ye byk..
maklum la wlpn x same group tp lane kami sebelah2 je td..
tu yg happy sgt tu..
after everything ni je mmpu share
ok tu je... esk tetap kerja
dato ni xnk ke kasi cuti

Sunday, March 16, 2014


assalammualaikum readers.. 
i got an off day today
my tummy not feeling well .. 
my bed and toilet accompany me all day long since last night
hardly sleep last night.. 
i hate this feeling.. 
plg benci bila start muntah ni.. grrrrrrr
someone please kill me.. T.T

pg smlm timbang berat pagi ni timbang blk
trun 1kg.. over kau nyah.. 
grrrrrrr mama tlg msk bubur please.. ^_^ 
lapa da byk membuang dr pg td.. 

niway check my last entry bru updte mlm td.. hehehe

teenagers target

assalammualaikum readers
entry harini nani nk share some stuff yg nani target to get it 

the 1st thing is a suede fringe bag
i want it since nani kat uk aritu.. 
mse kat uk mcm kenan satu kat topshop but it too pricey 
so mcm batalkan niat 

the idea should be like this 
i prefer to have the suede one 

and i actually already have one like this(below).. but the satan never satisfied 

2nd thing is a butterfly sunglasses 
kind of hard to find yg nani kenan
almost buy a ray ban yg bole patahkan bingkai die tu
but im not into ray ban.. laki ye la kacak pkai ray ban

planning to has a clean round sunglass 
but i have to back to the reality... my round big head didnt suit it 

3rd is an oxford loafers shoes.. 
grrrrr ssh gile nk dpt.. i mean yg nani kenan
mmg mcm belambak kat kedai.. tp memilih ppuan sorg ni
aritu jmpe kat klcc
tp x beli sbb keras gile and
 pretty sure setahun pkai pun kompem kulit kaki melecet 
plus mahal.. so mcm x worth it la
i have a lot of loafers collection.. so searching for oxford loafer plak ^_^ 
trust me i opened more than 10 tabs to find an oxford loafers pic yg nani bkenan..
so rse nye pic sekeping ni is pun not really satisfied 
just to give u an idea how an oxford loafers looked like 
ckup dlu berangan.. target 3 bnde ni je dlu
so a lot of money need to save and spend in the future
ok nani da bole start nages kot 

nah kongsi gmbr selena dlu seposen.. 
motif sbb die mcm nani dlm pic ni..kahkahkah *throw out*
messy yet beautiful 
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