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Thursday, March 27, 2014

bowling tournament

assalammualaikum readers
i kind of happy right now.. 
hahaha.. rse mcm x caye ...

so today is my 1st time spend masa with opismate
before u scroll nani just nk pesan..
this entry mybe mcm gedik skit sbb nani mcm terlajak happy..
so agk2 mcm mnyampah jgn scroll k.. da pesan ni
hahaha.. u will know later why im so happy..

so today we got a bowling tournament 
every group ade 4org randomly picked by our manager

 this is our colony 
9 lane smua kteorg conquer

smua mcm tgn bangku.. eh kaki bangku je ea?

the only group yg cecah 400++
sumbang gak la 95mark kat situ kan

the 2nd place goes to this group

waiting for penyampaian hadiah..

hai kami dr acc and fnance dprtment *lambailambai*
kak min sorg je xdk.. 
pndai miss ng cover body kopok lekor kite.. ^_^

muke2 2nd place

muke2 1st place.. kite diri jauh je sbb kite bdk bru
malu2 la konon

 1st n 2nd place winner bgambar bersama

hai this is mine..
senyum lebar smpai leher sbb happy
happy menang ke happy bnde lain kak?
hahaha.. ook jnji kite happy kan

bile nk tapis2 gmbr nk msuk blog rse mcm byk amek gmbr td
upenye skit je..gmbr die ye byk..
maklum la wlpn x same group tp lane kami sebelah2 je td..
tu yg happy sgt tu..
after everything ni je mmpu share
ok tu je... esk tetap kerja
dato ni xnk ke kasi cuti

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