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Monday, March 31, 2014

dear kuna

assalammualaikum readers
dua hari turut2 kite updte blog wish birthday utk kesayangan 
smlm utk paik
today utk girlfriend kite

happy birthday dear 

im praying for your happiness 
tenkiu for being my friend
your bright smile make me smile 
thanks for being by my side.. you are the best among the best
you make my toughest day become easier..
sorry i cant be there for your toughest day right now
i know tasha can do better than me.. tasha take care twin kite k.. 
love u both
everything seems easier with u both beside me

eventhough u both jauh but trust me
it is far yet so close
there is no point if we close yet feels so far
that is what im trying to 
endure every single day 
dduk sebelah tp terasa beribu batu
jauh setapak je.. tp terasa beribu tapak

happy birthday again..
celebration for the same birthday girl but without me this time.. 

sori wish awal..
rse nye smua org tau nani tdo kul bpe kan

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