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Sunday, March 30, 2014

dear paik

assalammualaikum readers.. 
arini birthday crush kite 
well i guess mne yg rapat nan nani tau kot how much i got crushed on him
niway in this post wish is specially update for him
selamat hari jadi buat paik.. 
last time birthday die nani tgh exm .. 
countdown birthday die dr 1st march..
at last tlupe birthday kwn sndri which is in march jgk.. hahaha
da ponat2 countdown sebulan.. 
last2 just text my brother ..
''happy birthday paik'' 
dgn harapan die pass plak la wish tu on my behalf kan
tp harapan lah mamat tu nk pass 

well tiap thn pun birthday crush i will write an entry for them
nothing is because i love writing at my blog.. 

so dear paik .. semoga hubungan nan my brother get tighter 
tenkiu for being his friend all this time. 
tenkiu sbb take a good care of him

eventhough i got cruch on you
tp still rse mcm abg sndri jgk.. 
ah ko asal mmbe baik abg je rse mcm abg sndri.. 
hahahaha.. btul la kan..xkan nk feeling lelebih..

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