The road to success is not straight. There’s a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family, flats called jobs. But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, and a driver called faith, you’ll make it to a place called success.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


assalammualaikum readers
ehem ehem 
mlm ni nani spend time with my little kuzy group

pkenalkan yg kacak bergaya ni.. his name is awang

and his gojes sister, her name is melur

this poyo guy aka my twin , his name is uda

hah yg gedik menggeletik org nk amek gmbr ni
name die markonah

jom geng markonah main mmg target longkang ea..
bkn x reti tp tu la target kteorg

kuzy2 yg lain cpt blk tmloh.. 
pulau perhentian menanti.. 

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