The road to success is not straight. There’s a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family, flats called jobs. But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, and a driver called faith, you’ll make it to a place called success.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


assalammualaikum readers
tgh2 nani duk scroll phone's album
tjumpe plak gmbr2 sejenis ni
 di mana kaum ibubapa xnak layan ank nk manje2
i think it happened a lot of times and i know im not the only prson felt that way

this is loaded of cuteness
hahaha... mama layan la kami mama layan la
kite kemain senyum lebar

 selfie seposen

yg ni da tnjuk kiss sikit pun die x heran

yeahhhhh finally.. abah layan kite 

lepas ni kalo rse da tlalu besar utk bmanje 
remember that when we are so busy growing up
we often forget they are getting old
selagi masih sempat.. grab that chances 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


assalammualaikum readers
omg tgh2 scroll tuitland ternampak something yg mcm wow
i think ppl know how much i love banana
i ate banana almost everyday went i was in uk
because for me it can reduce my sadness everytime i eat it

once in may 2013 i pop up with a status ''mkn pisang kurangkan sedih''

while me literally mean it ppl make joke of it

now seeeeee
i told you
its literally true

serius saying 'without pisang i might cried a river when i was there alone far from my family'
another serius saying 'i need banana right now'
or i will make worst decision ever ..

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

idham bdk baik

assalammualaikum readers
hai ammmm
hepi x? im fulfilled your wish on your birthday
please terharu
post title xleh menahan

memule skali.. happy birthday ammmm
omg da tua.. hehehhe
semoga cpt dpt jdoh..
cik nani x saba nk dtg knduri

pkenal kan chef sy every weekend..
bole request nk mkn ape
hebat kan.. opsss chef sbnr yg dduk tu..
yg pegang senduk tu fake sgt k.. bkn die msk..
die tukang mkn

gmbr kamiii.. ehehehe.. 
and again.. happy birthday am

cpt skit blk msia am.. 
bole blnje nani mkn.. 
mkn lg
keje mkn je nani ni
^_^ byeeee..
happy birthday am .. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

meet big 5 accounting firm

assalammualaikum readers
today's entry is about my trip to the accounting expo 2014
how was that trip?
hahahaha.. lets see
kul630 da bgn get ready to take bus at least at 8
and finally i think it was my rizki.. 
we arrived at bus station exactly 2min before 8

da naik bus.. 
we sleep like crazy because we both slept 2hours after midnight

smpai tol gombak im texting my plkn's girlfriend 
asking some sort information about sunway.. 
like seriously im not familiar with the facilities there..  

da trun bus naik train all the way to sunway university
at the same time teaching my twin how to use train in kl
yup lucky me studying in kl during school time 
so im quite good with the train things

look at my beautiful twin
feel so blessed to have her 

after that we took a taxi to hereeeeeeeee...
finally... we arrived .. hai expo..please be nice to me
sorry for the sensored part.. 
my shirt wrinkled like crazy
and at the same time to cover up my kopok lekor body

yup toilet sunway uni.. 
over mcm hotellllllllll.. 
why uitm no like this
sunderland? erm erm .. 
cant rmber.. but i guess even better.. haha

yupppp the hard working girl..
never stop thinking about her future.. 
she scarified almost everything 

we took the bridge from the sunway uni straight to the sunway pyramid
and yeahhhh thats true.. 
we are walking above a live tiger exhibit

its already 3pm.. and trust me.. 
u didnt see any food picture yetttttt 
because we didnt take our lunch yet

ktm smpai lmbt.. kul4 bru smpai klcc
then trus naik foodcourt 
sorg lepas craving korean food
sorg xtau nk mkn ape at last decided to eat beriani gam 
sendat perutttttttt
lapa teruk beli byk2 then x abes 

after lunch trus window shopping smpai la bus kul8 blk

here some stuff nani berjaya kutip from big 5
ironi gile g sne bkn buat pape pun.. 
ckp nan dieorg 23 patah then amek gift bla
but imma happy girl becauseeeeee
shhhhhhhhh rahsia.. doa kan nani insyaallah..
hahaha.. nothing.. 
it was dreams all of accounting student.. 
yeah we have to dream big.. 
only then we give the fullest we have to get it

Ernst & Young

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)



  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

thats all..
well guys you have to visit them 
and then u will know why imma so happy
im just happy to meet those from big 5 
im just happy to had this opportunity
 to know about the company better
i love knowledges..

bye guyssss.. 
oh oh.. who with me? hands upppp..
meet you there guys.. 
well doesnt have to be there for a job
it was just to meet ppl from big companies

Sunday, May 4, 2014

kuzy 2

assalammualaikum readers
its been a while after our last lepaking with the kuzy

kojan da besar dah..
haha.. tp he is still bdk kecik d mata nani

my fav kuzy..
i mean his sister.. not takiu

excuse my tudung..
jap pkai spek jap cabut make that horrible gelembung2
jap muke kteorg btiga mcm same je
mcm kembar je..hahha perasan

3org ni bzy bermonopod
tp yg plek nye kteorg bermonopod x nmpk pun batang tu mcm org lain

and its my time monopod
1st time pgg monopod
ketaq2 tgn kite..

sorry for the quality..
monopod promoted front camera usage
which is produce bad quality picca 

tgh2 nani kusyuk mkn 
buke fon and album fon da penuh nan gmbr selfie si kamal
serius penuh x tipu..

tgk la ni..
tgk hah..
byk kan 

they are my heartbeat..
uncountable love 
redang wait for ussss
well planned
bye guys.. siya in next entry
oh oh.. sblm tu..
sorry am .. next time free nani updte blog psal am ea
hehehe..sian am da lme request kan
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