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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

idham bdk baik

assalammualaikum readers
hai ammmm
hepi x? im fulfilled your wish on your birthday
please terharu
post title xleh menahan

memule skali.. happy birthday ammmm
omg da tua.. hehehhe
semoga cpt dpt jdoh..
cik nani x saba nk dtg knduri

pkenal kan chef sy every weekend..
bole request nk mkn ape
hebat kan.. opsss chef sbnr yg dduk tu..
yg pegang senduk tu fake sgt k.. bkn die msk..
die tukang mkn

gmbr kamiii.. ehehehe.. 
and again.. happy birthday am

cpt skit blk msia am.. 
bole blnje nani mkn.. 
mkn lg
keje mkn je nani ni
^_^ byeeee..
happy birthday am .. 

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