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Sunday, May 4, 2014

kuzy 2

assalammualaikum readers
its been a while after our last lepaking with the kuzy

kojan da besar dah..
haha.. tp he is still bdk kecik d mata nani

my fav kuzy..
i mean his sister.. not takiu

excuse my tudung..
jap pkai spek jap cabut make that horrible gelembung2
jap muke kteorg btiga mcm same je
mcm kembar je..hahha perasan

3org ni bzy bermonopod
tp yg plek nye kteorg bermonopod x nmpk pun batang tu mcm org lain

and its my time monopod
1st time pgg monopod
ketaq2 tgn kite..

sorry for the quality..
monopod promoted front camera usage
which is produce bad quality picca 

tgh2 nani kusyuk mkn 
buke fon and album fon da penuh nan gmbr selfie si kamal
serius penuh x tipu..

tgk la ni..
tgk hah..
byk kan 

they are my heartbeat..
uncountable love 
redang wait for ussss
well planned
bye guys.. siya in next entry
oh oh.. sblm tu..
sorry am .. next time free nani updte blog psal am ea
hehehe..sian am da lme request kan

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