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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


assalammualaikum readers
gosh it really been awhile since my last entry
i miss my girlfriends 
i would like to congratulate them 
finally a degree holder 

because i miss them here some throwback 
no pretty girl here.. bkn slalu upload gmbo huduh.. 

girls day out 
tasha in making hardest decision ever 
at last she bought both bags 
hahahaha so tashe 

hai sy peneman setia dieorg menghabis kan duit..
sy x beli pape ^_^
tegak sgt bdiri.. cm nk nyanyi negaraku je dlm kedai ni
hai this is tashe
tashe is already here in malaysiaaaaaaaa
cant wait to meet you

and iam countdown~ing for kuna 
few days before her flight 
arghhhhhhhh i cant wait 
like seriously cant 
i miss her so bad

when the sun decided to come out
we also decided to go out and enjoy the sun

sorry for the quality..
kuna the one who always be my side 
doing assignment in library, eating nasi goreng *berlauk siap* in library 
the smell get all over library 
mkn pun x tenang tkut kne halau kua

about to go out and waiting for her wearing hijab like hourssssss
yeah shes still new with hijab.. proud of you girl

omg i cant believe it im uploading this.. sorry kuna.. we both seems not ready 
i feel bad .. haahhaha.. manchester again and insyaallah with kuna please

am took this pic and please im not ready..
the wind just too strong 
i should wear shawl 

i wish we can meet like so soon since both of them will be in malaysia 
but what i hate about it i put a lot of weight 
and they decided to be skinny *campak kotak tisu*

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