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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

it is nazmi birthday

assalammualaikum readers
1st of all i wanna tell you
today is nazmi's birthday 
and the best part is not even one of us wish her 
alolo.. moral of the story jgn deactive fb because sometime it is kinda useful 
bile gedik deactive, birthday mmbe x igt knduri kwin kwn xtau 
sedar2 kwn da beranak pinak gitu 

have you ever get a wassap from your friend 
secara drastik dan tibatiba telling you die merajuk 
and i was like erkkkk ade buat slh ke.. 
and yes mmg ade buat salah pun
sorry princess.. 

so here officially im wishing my dearest princess nazmi
happy birthday kiuty
i lovelovelovelove you more than tuttt
huhuhu.. here a cake for you 
baked fresh from the oven 

and td nani tnye nk hadiah ape die bole ckp xnk hadiah
die nk kite g shah alam jumpe die
gedikss sgt kan .. 
seriously this picture taken when i was in shah alam melawat cik nazmi
so please make a new wish.. 

anyway spe blom wish kakak kite ni
u still got times..
jgn smpai die msj esk pagi ckp die majuk
huhu ^_^ okei love 
enjoy the night .. 
nti insyaallah kite jumpe k..  

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