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Saturday, January 10, 2015

to do list

assalammualaikum readers
gosh its been awhile kan.. 
anyway im here just to share my to do list before im going back to uk 
so guys.. stick with your phone in case nani halohalo uolls
and one more thing.. rmai yg tnye nani why wassap x reply and else
well i loss my phone months ago.. 
and x beli lg phone bru plus i lost smua contact number.. 
pm me yr number la okaiii nti nani halohalo ajak lepak minum kopi cicah kopok 
stakat ni uolls can reach me using wechat.. 
just type my name and u will reach me okai 

back to our main topic.. 
before nani balik uk there are some activities nani nk spend nan gigirl syg 
korg cpt la abes exm.. yg kje amek cuti utk nani syg okaii ^_^
1st thing 1st orbing ball.. who can say no to this!! 

my 2nd fave G force x 

want it since 13yr old - bungee jumping 

last but not least, this!

niway sorry lme x tulis blog.. 
ahaks ayt mcm la rmai sgt bce kan..
niway korg jgn tgl solat 
jgn lupe nani, kawin jgn x ajk
and sorry sgt mne2 knduri yg nani xdpt nk dtg tu 
1st knduri korg mse nani kat uk
2nd knduri korg same day nan well, invitation event lain kot 
3rd xdk geng nk g knduri.. xmo dtg sorg 

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