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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Acca and eurotrip

assalammualaikum readers
ya allah lame betul kan tak update blog
sorry so busy with my acca aritu..
exam for final semester
minggu depan insyaallah dapat result
doa kan nani lulus semua paper amin

anyway this final semester nani amek 3 paper
heavy nye ya allah.. rase hancur semua harapan..
rasa da xdak cahaya kelulusan langsung
p3 p4 and p5..

gonna talk about all papers i took this semester
if you are no accounting students skip this part okeii

start with p3
p3 not so nice with me.. it is an easy paper.. it was just sbb nani amek together with another 2 heavy papers so it feel such a burden while you trying to focus on optional papers tp you still have p3 to go

p4 was the hardest paper for me..
which is nani rasa smpai effect another 2papers yang nani amek
risau tahap xleh nak fokus all papers..
i know p4 like the hardest paper tp nani amek because i like financial management like talking about money kan.. hahaha.. p4 is actually easy just nani x bernasib baik dapat lect x pndai aja..
i know bpp got a better lect for p4.. especially justin.. i like him so much.. tp rezeki nani sem ni si mark yang aja which is die mmg x pandai aja.. if godek2 p4 tu siang malam you know you can pass in 1st sitting.. tp tu la.. tgk rezeki mcm mne..

p5? ouch.. hahahahaha.. topic easy yg masuk tp soalan die.. masyaallah.. tersimpul urat otak nani pikir nak jawab.. on exam day usually nani nan kawan will arrive an hour before msuk dewan.. can you imagine semua soalan yang nani duk bincang2 lua dewan nan kawan nani msuk exam.. literally all topic we talk about kot.. tppppppppp ya allah x tipu soalan die over susah tau.. smpai hati.. hancur harapan nk prize winner.. lupe kan prize winner.. nak lulus ni.. tlg pikir how to pass this paper ???

da abes da bincang psal acca?
jom tgk gambar nani bcuti days after exam abes

sebab da lewat sangat kite share yang kat paris dulu okeii

dr manchester kteorg turun london and from london kteorg naik train to paris

smpai2 paris letak beg kat lobby hotel trus kua round paris
The Arc de Triomphe de l'√Čtoile is one of the most famous monuments in Paris.

The Louvre Pyramid
a large glass and metal pyramid 

The Eiffel Tower
a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris
gi time siang rse x la awesome sgt tp bile gi time malam subhanallah cantik sgt 

after gi 3 tempat ni semua da penat lapa
kteorg balik hotel balun meggi
bkn xdk kedai kat paris tp time jalan tu x pikir makan da
balik bilik baru sedar lapa

next day kteorg g disneyland paris
well best ke? akak bagi 2stars je
if korg bkn 4-12years old nani rase xyah la kot dtg
uss much much better dr disneyland

kalo dtg paris wajib la cuba macaroon kan
make sure jenama bawah ni k
suggestion by my friend la
im not into macaroon sgt pun

Da tu je coretan kali ni..
Mls nak bebel psal eurotrip heeee 
Nati nani smbung cte psal prague and italy okeii 

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